What is cotton used for?

Generally, not more than 30%  recycled cotton content is employed within the finished yarn or fabric. as a result of waste cotton is usually already colored, re-dyeing might not be necessary. Cotton is an especially resource-intense crop in terms of water, pesticides and pesticides.

Cotton Recycling

Cotton is recycled from pre-consumer (post-industrial) and post-consumer cotton waste. pre-consumer waste comes from any excess material made throughout the assembly of yarn, materials and textile product, e.g. selvage from weaving and cloth from manufacturer cutting rooms. Post-consumer waste comes from discarded textile product, e.g. used attire and residential textiles. throughout the utilization method, the cotton waste is 1st sorted by sort and color then processed through stripping machines that 1st breaks the yarns and cloth into smaller items before pull them apart into fiber. the combination is carded many times so as to scrub and blend the fibers before they’re spun into new yarns.


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